Whether the lever hoist handle can be lengthened at will

- Jun 18, 2020-

The lever hoist is a small manual lifting tool, which is mainly divided into two categories: wire rope and loop chain. Because of its own advantages and disadvantages, the applicable environment and use requirements are also different, but no matter what type of hand hoist, it must not be changed or lengthened.

The lever hoist is absolutely forbidden to change the handle or lengthen the handle arbitrarily. Because the control handle of the hoist is made through precision calculation and research, it cannot be modified at will according to its own use requirements, and the hand pull force also has a certain size. The lengthened handle will cause The overloaded use of the hand hoist seriously affects the overall safety of the operation.

The abundant lifting warmly reminds the majority of users of lever hoist, if the handle of hand hoist is damaged during use, it should not be changed without permission and should be replaced by an assembler in time.