YC beam clamp using method and characteristics

- Nov 29, 2018-

The YC beam clamp can be used for fixing and lifting hoist equipment on rebar. It is made of low-carbon alloy steel with one experimental load and the test load is 2 times the maximum working load. How to use: Turn the threaded shaft counterclockwise, loosen the jaws, clamp the lower edge of the I-beam, turn the threaded shaft clockwise, and clamp.


The YC beam clamp is specially heat-treated during the manufacturing process, so that its mechanical strength is significantly improved and durable. Clamps are tools used for clamping, fastening, or lifting and are widely used in metallurgy, transportation, railway, port, and other industries. The lifting beam is a component connected with the crane hook, and has three structures: a shackle connection, a sling connection and a lifting ear connection.


In addition, the use of the spreader reduces the height of the YC beam clamp itself, which is beneficial to low-rise places. The slings are connected to the hanging shaft, so that the force of the clamp is good, but the height of the spreader itself is large, and it needs to be used in a large place, and the auxiliary hook is manually used when hanging the hook.