Lifting The Lifting Of The Solution

- Jun 21, 2017-

1. can not stop after starting, or to the extreme position can not stop. Cause: AC contactor contact welding, limiter failure.

Solution: Quickly disconnect the total power supply to remove or replace the AC contactor.

2. The motor is buzzing at start-up. Reason: power and motor less phase, poor contact with AC contactor.

Solution: 1. Overhaul or replace the contactor

3. Heavy objects rose to mid-air, can not start after stopping. Cause: The voltage is too low or fluctuating

Solution: Equal voltage return to normal and then start

4. Braking unreliable, the sliding distance exceeds the specified requirements. Cause: The spring pressure is reduced due to large wear or other causes of the brake ring. Poor contact between the brake ring and the rear cover cone. Brake surface with oil, brake ring loose, pressure spring fatigue, coupling movement is not working or stuck.

Solution: Remove the grinding, check the connection part, remove the grinding, remove the cleaning, replace the brake, replace the spring, check the connection part.

5. Reducer oil spill. Reason: between the box and the lid, the seal assembly failure or failure loss. The connecting screw is not tightened.

Solution: Remove the inspection or replacement of the support ring, tighten the screws

6. Motor temperature rise is too high. Cause: overload, the operation is too frequent, the brake clearance is too small, the brake ring is not fully disengaged during operation, the equivalent of additional load.

Solution: do not allow overload, press the CF30% work system, re-adjust the gap.

7. The gear reducer is too loud. Reason: poor lubrication, excessive gear wear, interdental gap is too large, gear damage, bearing damage.