The Application Of The Lifting Belt In The Pipeline Industry

- Jun 21, 2017-

1, pipe under the tube: the use of lifting belt to avoid damage to the body of concrete. Lifting with hoisting before the body should find the center of gravity, make signs to meet the requirements of pipe hoisting. Under the tube should be made to meet the direction of water pipe joints. Under the tube, the tube shall not disturb the pipeline foundation.

2, the pipeline: the pipeline in place, in order to prevent the roller tube, should be appropriate on both sides of the tube plus two sets of four wedge-shaped concrete blocks. Pipeline installation should be piping water surface center, elevation section by section to ensure that the pipeline longitudinal elevation and plane position accurate. After each tube in place, should be fixed to prevent the displacement of the tube. With the lifting belt with a stable, the advanced pipe inspection counterparts to reduce the phenomenon of wrong mouth. Tube in the end of the elevation deviation within ± 10mm, the center deviation of not more than l0mm, adjacent tube at the end of the wrong mouth is not greater than 3mm.