The Brief Description Of The Use Method And Precautions Of The Horizontal Plate Clamp

- Nov 14, 2017-

The horizontal plate clamp is an indispensable operation for the warehouse or site construction, especially for cold welding and welding of the large steel plate components. The use of universal plate lifting tools can bring greater convenience to production and improve production efficiency. After years of production and application of the horizontal plate clamp, the structure is perfect, and the equipment is very safe and reliable!


Before lifting the steel plate lifting clamp at the level of the steel plate, pull the lifting plate so that the horizontal plate clamp

can be opened, and the two lifting hooks should be inserted and moved to the lifting steel plate, which will be close to the bottom surface of the straight line on both sides of the center of gravity. After lifting the lifting plate, the lifting plate can be pressed tightly on the lifting hook, and can be lifted immediately.


The steel plate must be placed with heel block so as to evacuate the cliver. For the steel plate with large lifting length, in order to prevent excessive deflection or to reduce the bending deformation of the lifting workpiece, two pairs of horizontal plate clamp should be used for lifting.


The structure of the horizontal plate clamp is relatively simple. The operation is convenient, the production efficiency is high, safe and reliable. The thickness gauge range of the lifting steel plate is also very large.


When the horizontal plate clamp is operated, the suspension hanging operation must be carried out by the person with the suspension hanging  operation qualification certificate.The tongs must be selected and used  suitable for the application. The horizontal plate clamp should be used in the allowable load range, and the overload phenomenon should not occur.