The Characteristics Of Manual Hoist And Simple Operation

- Jul 25, 2017-

Manual hoist is a simple and easy to use hand-held crane, in the course of the process it is suitable for small equipment and the short-distance cargo lifting, the use of chain hoist is very safe and reliable, the equipment of high mechanical efficiency, Bracelet tension is small, lighter weight to carry.
The chain hoist is aesthetically pleasing and small in size and is durable in the use of the equipment. This is ideal for applications such as mines, construction sites, docks and docks, especially for open and non-power operations. Out of its superiority.
Hand hoist in the process of making the main use of its alloy steel materials for manufacturing, high-strength lifting chain, the material is generally 20M2, IF quenching heat treatment, high-strength hook, the material is generally alloy steel, The hook design ensures a slow rise to prevent overload.
Hand lifting hoist is an upgraded version of the fixed pulley, in the course of the use of the complete inheritance of the advantages of the pulley, the product at the same time using reverse reverse brake reducer and chain pulley group combination, symmetrical arrangement of two spur gear rotation Structure, simple, durable and efficient.
Hand chain hoist in the use of the need to promptly after the gourd clean and then effectively coated with anti-rust grease, the use of the process of effective storage in a dry place, to prevent the chain hoist damp rust and corrosion.
Manual chain hoist in the maintenance and maintenance of the process should be familiar with the body of this, in the use of oil cleaning gourd parts, effective in the gear and bearing parts with butter to lubricate, to prevent the principle of not understand the principle of the machine Free to disassemble.

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