Wire Rope Electric Hoist In Use Some Of The Precautions

- Jun 21, 2017-

1, wire rope electric hoist in the course of the use of overload is strictly prohibited, should not be impact, in the bundling or lifting needs, we should pay attention not to make the wire rope and the object directly into the sharp angular contact, in their contact To pad the wood, canvas, sacks or other cushion material to prevent the mouth of the object quickly damaged corners of the rope and equipment and life accidents.

2, wire rope electric hoist in the use of the process must always check its strength, generally at least six months must conduct a comprehensive inspection or strength test.

3, wire rope electric hoist in the course of the use, such as the length is not enough, you must use shackle connection, strictly prohibit the use of wire rope rope to wear a long wire rope lifting method, so as to avoid the resulting shear force.

4, wire rope electric hoist wear pulley, the edge should not have rupture and gap.

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